Check out some of the antics that goes on during the life of makeup artist Diana McCallister.  Hope you enjoy!


    Happy New Year to everyone! I had a fun NYE working in Los Angeles at a club.  The theme was Masquerade so I decided to hand paint the mask and for the girl bartenders' , I went with painted on corsets .  Check out my pictures on 




Here is a recent photoshoot that I did with to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Prep Time was only an hour and half.  I wish I had more time to do more detail but we were on a time constraint.


Model | Christopher Glenon and his son

Photographer | Wander Aguiar




Finally all settled down from Halloween Craze that had me working through Hurricane Sandy in NYC but luckily I made my way to Boston on Tuesday in order to make a flight back to Los Angeles to do 45 people on Halloween.  Here are some of the characters that I did... very limited time




Gearing up for Halloween with some great products. Check out European Body Art for some fantastic airbrush makeup.  It comes in both water based and alcohol based makeup.  If you need to pick up any fun prosthetics and makeup needs, visit Naimies in North Hollywood, Ca.



Halloween in West Hollywood is a blast. They shut down Santa Monica Blvd and 1/2 million people get to enjoy a freaky night with crazy costumes.  I of course will be working at various venues through out West Hollywood but if you see any body painting on the streets, especially a frozen guy in blue walking around.  Please be safe and NO Drinking & Driving.


Yay, I received my pair of pivothead glasses.  They have a camera in the center of the lense so that when I am working, you can see exactly what I am doing.  This is going to be a lot of fun.  Keep checking back for the videos section for those videos. They should be really interesting with the fun people I work with.