Check out the Videos featuring my work.  I also post videos using a point of view camera from Pivothead that works great. 

Music Video

Printz Board - Abracadabra

* I ended up doing beauty makeup mostly in this video.  I take no claim on the joker's face. He came to set that way. There were about 35 girls on set that required beauty makeup. So myself and another makeup artist worked getting them camera ready.


POV Videos

 Halloween 2012 (Los Angeles & New York City)

 * Flying into NYC for one night before a hurricane is probably not the wisest choice but made it through and back to LA just in time for Halloween.  Please don't forget to support the Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts at The Red Cross.


Glow Party 2012 (San Jose)

*Fun fact, almost died on the plan up to San Jose when the right wing of the plane hit "jet wash" and caused the plane to invert 90 degrees, and drop for 15 seconds but luckily the pilot got a handle of that or he was just messing with us. 


Fashion Shows